What Is The Google Dance? How Often Does The Google Dance Happen? Checking The Google Dance!

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What Is The Google Dance?

Google Dance is the period when Google is rebuilding its rankings, and results fluctuate widely for a 3 to 5 day period.

How Often Does The Google Dance Happen?

Since August 2003, the famous / infamous Google Dance is no more. Or rather it has become less dramatic. Google now performs updates every week, with most movement occurring on Mondays.

Checking The Google Dance

Until January 2004, Google had 12 main www servers online, which were as follows:

  • www-ex.google.com – (where you get when you type www.google.com)
  • www-sj.google.com – (which can also be accessed at www2.google.com)
  • www-va.google.com – (which can also be accessed at www3.google.com)
  • www-dc.google.com
  • www-ab.google.com
  • www-in.google.com
  • www-zu.google.com
  • www-cw.google.com
  • www-fi.google.com – found in May 2003.
  • www-gv.google.com – found in August 2003.
  • www-gv2.google.com – found in September 2003.
  • www-kr.google.com – found in October 2003.

At some point in January, these servers stopped accepting connections, and the only servers easy to connect to were:

  • www.google.com
  • www2.google.com
  • www3.google.com

As well as the numeric address databases – which people keep discovering, and kindly help us keep abreast of.


At any time during an index update you can check the Google servers, and they will display sometime wildly differing results, thus they are said to be “dancing”, and hence the name “Google Dance”.



Google Dance
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