Funny & Innocent Things Garhwali Boys Do!

Hi Guys i am back with a list of annoying things Garhwali Boyz do. What made you think i am going to spare my own friends?

Based on my real experiences, Funny & Innocent Things Garhwali Boys Do!!!!!!!

The Bheji (Bro) Obsession, Bheji-panti you can say: Garhwali guys love to address each other as ‘Bheji’ – always. Yes, even when they’re speaking in Hindi. Bheji and Bhulla(younger bro) is like breathing to the normal Garhwali guy. They had full stops then, we have bheji now. Every sentence, every-damn-sentence said by a Garhwali guy has to start and end with bheji (o bheji, ae bheji, yan bheji, tan bheji).

When his friend does something stupid: Kya baat ch dagadya, kaun hai re wo ladki jiske bag mai tune Chitthi daali?

When someone challenges him: Tu mujhe nahin jaanta, Betaaaaa …, kulsari ka hun, kulsari ka! Pul se neeche latka denge re tereko.

And, of course, he loves to invent some of them, Beech ki Maang, Hotel Line or Internet 
Marketing: What is with Garhwali guys and Hotel Line (working with a reputed Hotel)? Most of them (you can find anywhere) working as a Internet Marketer in a MNC whether its SEO or PPC. And also the Hairy cleavages that can put Anil Kapoor to shame.

They choose the worst pick-up lines from the internet. (khat likhte hain khoon se siyahi na samjhna type)

Whether Its Negi Da Songs or Kishan Mahipal latest Ghuguti Song, They want to be the biggest fan ever, but cannot leave behind their Bedu Paako’ and furki fixation behind. They go to marriages to dance and request(to DJ) for Furki Baand, Surima Sarila and many more.

Staring (Wo Dekh teri Bhabi Jaa rahi hai): They go to palika bazaar and Janpad and lech at women! and Every 3rd girl is “wo teri bhabi jaa rahi hai”

The Bike Display Picture: Not only do they constantly lech at any and every yamaha Bikes passing by, they get photographs clicked with them! Hold your breath, there’s more. They profile those pictures on Facebook! posing like “Pannu Gusain”.

The Godforsaken Sunglasses: In a Sunny Day is fine, but why do they have them on even in night(you know what i mean, yes Marriages)? (Ae Bheji jara Chasma To De re).
Bizarre Bike Stickers: It is probably only in Garhwali that one would find bikes with stickers like ‘Negi Da’, ‘Joshi G’, ‘Jai Maa BadhaanGadi and of course, Pahadi Bhulla.

No matter which restaurant they go to, they want a Big Glass or cup of Tea .

Drunk and Divine Lecture: The more he gets drunk, the more he wants to talk. Never will a Garhwali guy admit that he is too drunk. And ofcourse he never forget to tell his childhood days to young boyz (Tumhari umar mai to mai jungle se lakdi, Daaar leke aata tha and all that)

Mard Turned Madhubala: While he may seem to be the brashest of people during the day, once he is drunk and heartbroken, he will cry like merely 16 year school girl.

Always Ready To Fight: Every argument is followed by “tu bahar mil beta” or this, ruk teri funtoo ko batata hun.

The Amazing Dance Move: Man, Garhwali guys love to dance. What is amusing is how many styles they know. There’s a very typical way in which Garhwali guys dance at marriages. They put both hand in their back and Walk Slowly for Ghuguti Dance. Nobody knows why, but all of us know that one Garhwali friend who always dances like that!

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  1. Anamika says

    Best garhwali Article Ever, loved it .

  2. masajib says

    I have read through your article and i was satisfied of the good information that you have contributed in your article! Thanks a lot for that beneficial article!

  3. cindy whatmore says

    Good blog and excellent webdesign
    This information very well and good and keep it up…

  4. Sonia Joshi says

    I Am Amazed How You Describe It Point To Point, Our Great Garhwali Culture is surely the best in the world.
    Nice Post Karan.


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