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AT&T Corporation,originally the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, is the subsidiary of AT&T that provides voice, video, data, and Internet telecommunications and professional services to businesses, consumers, and government agencies.You can contact AT&T email via Live chat & Help Desk.

Some Common AT&T Support Issues

• Troubleshooting the slow internet connection
• Troubleshooting Email program i.e. outlook, Apple
• AT&T own services stop working
• Wireless connection issues
• Unable to send mail
• Not receiving mails
• Getting lot of spams
• McAfee stop working while internet access
• Password changing issues
• Log In issues
• How to mark spam?
• Unable to login

Customer Support

AT&T Mail offers multiple tips and tutorials to help users solving their problem. AT&T Mail does not have a phone number for customer support, further you  post your problem to their support sites and customer support forums for help. The normal waiting time to get your issues resolved varies time to time. To get an instant response you can talk to us by filling up the given form “Help Me to Fix My Issue”. We can provide you the most possible solution of AT&T Mail errors to contact AT&T email.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AT&T


• Bundling options
• AT&T provides WI-FI Hot spot network
• it provides some useful services like McAfee security, Yahoo services, DSL and Fiber optic service
• AT&T WI-FI network, including Starbucks location
• All-in-one modem and router


• There are contract between customer and ISP for internet
• Data caps for internet plans, that means after consuming the data you can’t access internet
• Slower speeds in DSL
• Full services are not available in all areas
• Dial up may not be fast enough for modern internet use

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