Black People Meet

Contact Black People Meet is the largest black dating site for black singles in the U.S. Founded in 2002; has built the largest community of African-American singles looking for love, relationships, friendship and dates. Black People Meet provides a simple, safe and fun atmosphere, which makes it easy to quickly view and contact black people meet  thousands of black singles in your area. All the features you need to meet black men and black women are at your fingertips.You can contact black people meet via live chat & Help Desk.


Some Common Black People Meet Support Issues, We Fix

  • Turning off automatic renewal or canceling my account
  • Refund related issue
  • Update the profile
  • I forgot my email or password
  • Unable to report
  • Live chat related issue
  • My matches are the same gender as I am related issue
  • Billing or payment related issue
  • Suspend my subscription related issue
  • Unable to change the location
  • Stop Email notification
  • Problem with debit and credit card associated with my account
  • Unable to change the password
  • I’m not getting replies to my emails
  • Login and logout problem
  • Issues with the Chat Feature
  • Send an email
  • Site is timing out
  • I want to reactivate my subscription
  • How do I cancel my free account and remove my profile from the site?
  • How to join, start a subscription or upgrade
  • I have a billing question
  • What is the status of my account?
  • Contacting Black People Meet Customer Care
  • How do I Login and Logout?
  • I want to put my account on hold or suspend my subscription
  • How do I update my billing or payment information?

Customer Support

Black People Meet offers multiple tips and tutorials to help users solving their problem. Black People Meet does not have a contact number for customer support, but you can post your problem to their support sites and customer support forums for help. The normal waiting time to get your issues resolved varies time to time. To get an instant response you can talk to us by filling up the given form “Help Me to Fix My Issue”. We can provide you the most possible solution of Black People Meet errors in the contact black people meet.


Pros & Cons of Black People Meet


• Variety of ways to use the site and interact
• Welcoming of different orientations, lifestyles, and body types
• Useful filters for the search and your activity history
• Plenty of possible icebreakers and message prompts are built into profile pages


• Free version only lets you look around, not interact
• All the different options, actions, and sections can become convoluted
• Matchmaking features are weak, and the add-on

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