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ESPN is an acronym for Empire and Sports Programming Network, and is defined as an American cable television network that broadcasts sports-related shows and sporting events. An example of ESPN is a cable network that plays live and taped sporting events.




Launched                                                                                 September 7, 1979; 39 years ago

Owned by                                                                                 ESPN Inc.

(The Walt Disney Company (80%)

Hearst Communications (20%))

Picture format:                                                                       720p (HDTV)

480i (SDTV)


Slogan                                                                                     the worldwide leader in sports

Country                                                                                   United States

Language                                                                                 English

Broadcast area                                                                       Worldwide

Headquarters                                                                         Bristol, Connecticut

Sister channel(s)

ESP News
ESPN Classic
ESPN Deports
Longhorn Network
SEC Network
ACC Network
ESPN Goal Line & Bases Loaded



Representative:                                                         Chat online on

President:                                                                   John Skipper (Since    2012)

Founders          :                                                          Bill Rasmussen · Scott   Rasmussen · Ed Eagan

Subsidiaries:                                                                ESPN International · ESPN America · ESPN Films · ESPN Classic · Longhorn                                                                                            Network · ESPN Books · PVI Virtual Media Services

Common issues Related to ESPN

  • Cannot login to ESPN
  • No response from system to reset password
  • Can’t reschedule a custom league draft!!!

ESPN Customer Support

Looking for help with ESPN?  Need tutorials to get you started on the path to ESPN Channels?  Maybe you have questions     about your Insider or Streak service. Their customer support site provides extensive information about various topics and   available around the clock, but long process is great disadvantage.

To get an instant support, fill the given frame “Help me fix my issue”. Our technical experts are always ready to assist you.

Pros and Cons of ESPN


– Opportunity to grow

– Smart co-workers

– Team environment

– Worldwide leader in sports

– Good energy from top to bottom


– Very competitive




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