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Google Photos is a photo sharing and storage service developed by Google. It was announced in May 2015 and spun out from Google+, the company’s social network. Google Photos gives users free, unlimited storage for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution. The service automatically analyzes photos, identifying various visual features and subjects. Users can search for anything in photos, with the service returning results from three major categories: People, Places, and Things. Google Photos recognizes faces, grouping similar ones together; geographic landmarks; and subject matter, including birthdays, buildings, animals, food, and more.


Features of Google Photos


  • Share content to television
  • Create collages and albums that are personalized
  • Several advanced editing features to change the color and design
  • Automatic settings
  • Category

Some Common Google Photos Support Issues


  • Can’t find photos
  • My photos aren’t backing up
  • Unable to Share photos & videos
  • Unable to Share your Google Photos library with a partner
  • Deleting items from one device doesn’t delete it from another different device
  • Cant’ change sharing options
  • MP4 Video Files Suddenly Not uploading
  • Error: Something went wrong. Setup is not complete
  • Photo assistant not working
  • Unable to Show photos on a TV using Photos cast
  • Places, faces, things are not combined from multiple uploads
  • Android App Sharing stuck permanently, unusable
  • Deleting photos issue
  • Unable to sync photos
  • Unable to add the Google account to Google photos
  • Photos backup problems
  • Unable to retrieve delete photos
  • Photo and videos backup failure issue
  • Photos and videos won’t upload
  • Unable to transfer photos and videos to Google drive
  • People grouping is not working


Google Photos Customer Support

Google Photos does not have a Google Photos Technical Support Number. But Google provide their help from to get support and help.  You can get an instant customer support and help by filling the given “Help Me To Fix My Issue” frame. We will support you to get an instant result.


Pros & Cons of Google Photos



  • Automatic organization
  • Numerous editing tools
  • Quickly share content
  • View content on any device




  • Updates make loading and viewing images slower
  • Albums created are random
  • Hard to determine which images need to be backed up if space is close to full
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