MAC Email


Mac email program comes with the Mac OS X operating system. Mac Email is a full-featured email client that integrates to-do lists and notes as of OS X 10.5 and support for Microsoft Exchange as of OS X 10.6. Mail originally came from Next Mail, the mail application in the Next Step operating system that evolved into Mac OS X.

Mac E-Mail Features:

• View a photo slideshow
• Pass it on
• Flag messages
• Synchronize e-mail
• Archiving mailboxes
• RSS subscriptions
• Use parental controls
• Data detectors
• Get rid of mail

Common issues related to Mac Email:

• can’t login in mac email
• I can’t send or receive
• can’t send but i can receive
• I can send, but I can’t receive
• Missing emails
• Slow email and Disk Quota errors
• I’m getting bounce backs or complaints that I’m sending spam
• Duplicate emails, or old emails downloading again
• Is the problem with my local email client?
• Lost a file
• Documents open in the wrong app

Customer Support:

Chat with experts online by filling “Help Me Fix My Issue” frame to get instant solutions. By answering common or deep technical answers, Mac email contact team of experts will give you the best possible solutions. If you can wait to get solution of your answers, then you can also go with official Mac email customer support online or give a call at official Mac e-mail support phone number.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mac Email:


• Security
• Reliability
• Advance technology


• Heftier price tag
• No customization

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