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Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open-source cross-platform email client, news client, RSS and chat client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The project strategy was modeled after that of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It’s installed by default on Ubuntu desktop systems.

Features You Should Know before you Contact Thunderbird Email:

• Easier to Get Started
• Mail Account Setup Wizard
• Personalized Email Addresses
• Attachment Reminder
• Multiple-channel chat
• Quick Filter Toolbar
• Message Archive
• Large Files Management
• Add-ons Manager
• Robust Privacy and Do Not Track
• Phishing Protection
• Automated Update
• Cutting Out the Junk
• Thunderbird Look & Feel

Some Common Thunderbird Mail Support Issues:-

• Cannot receive messages
• Cannot delete messages
• Unable to send Email Messages
• Account configured problem
• Thunderbird Closes Unexpectedly
• Thunderbird warns that the Server doesn’t use encryption
• I can receive but I can’t send
• I can send but can’t receive
• Some of my emails are missing
• I’m getting duplicate emails/receiving old emails account
• Start Thunderbird in the Safe Mode
• Rebuilding the Global Database
• Hyperlinks in Messages Not Working
• Mozilla Crash Reporter TB
• Slow email and Disk Quota errors
• Duplicate emails, or old emails downloading again

Customer Support For Thunderbird Email:

If you get any Thunderbird Mail issue while using Thunderbird Mail and searching for a help, then in this situation you need to contact official Thunderbird Mail customer support. Reports says that there is no official customer support for Thunderbird Mail is available at quick times. To get an instant support, you can contact us by filling up the frame given below. Our well-qualified and trained technicians are 24*7 available for your help, for any type of query and suggestion.

Pros & Cons of Thunderbird:


• Easy setup.
• Completely free.
• Ability to create a personalized e-mail address.
• Strong open-source community support and troubleshooting.
• Highly customizable in appearance.
• Powerful anti-spam and phishing filters.


• Occasional spotty support and updates.
• No major new feature updates in several years.
• No compatibility with Microsoft Outlook.
• Old Interface.
• The program can experience noticeable lag.

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