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Zoho mail is basically for professional use with its option to let you save templates which can be used for future email formats. It has an unlimited storage with a set quota for the number of mails sent and received. The main reason why it has second position in the best free services is due to its high level of professional use. It has various business hosting plans, which allow you to use Zoho mail with your personal domains and email policies.

Some Common Zoho Mail Support Issues

• Unable to reset the Zoho mail password
• I think my Zoho mail have been hacked
• Emails have disappeared from the mailbox
• I’m not getting my mail
• My recipients aren’t getting my emails
• I can’t get or send email in Zoho mail
• I can’t log into Zoho mail
•  Cannot send an email to a Zoho address
• Message cannot be sent from…
• Emails are sent from a different Zoho address
• Emails are not reaching my Zoho mailbox
• The Zoho mail won’t open
• Emails have disappeared from the mailbox

Zoho Mail Customer Support

Zoho Mail Technical Support Number is available, but not right for everyone. You can search for help in their forum or community. Get our instant customer support for Zoho mail by filling the given frame “Help me fix my issue”. Our tech experts will get back to you.

Pros and Cons of Zoho Mail


• It is a very easy platform to use in our company; the emails come and go quickly
• I really like how well Zoho Mail works together with other tools in the Zoho suite, plus they have decent pricing for standard plans
• Zoho mail is not just an email client. It is part of a bigger suite called Workplace and offers so much more than email
• Interface is logical and UI is smooth, web mail, iPhone app, customizable push notifications, Gmail alternative, integration with custom domain names.


• They recently took away IMAP access for free accounts
• During all the time we have used Zoho I have not found any inconvenience with the service
• The recent update is glitch and needs more improvement. It seemed to slow down since the recent update
• For the cost it is at, I don’t have much complains.
• Support can be a lot better.
• Mail Filters and search can be better

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