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The very first thing that comes into the mind after hearing this word is “WHAT”. Obviously, a book with which you can read a face, a FACE? Whose face? So the answer is anybody’s face who is on Facebook. But while looking at the face or reading the profile, sometimes we face some obstacles. Hard to understand the solution to the obstacle or hurdle that comes when you visit Facebook? But, we have a solution, Facebook Support. Simply call our toll-free number (1-844-398-0888) and get the hurdle chucked off.

Facebook’s Technical Assistance Network (TAN) provides technical support for products covered under warranty or by a current Facebook Store Service Agreement (Support, Extended Warranty and On-Time Support). To contact TAN, please call 1-844-398-0888.

Hurdles encountered on Facebook:-

Account related issues

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  1. ·         Unable to create account on Facebook
  2. ·         Account disabled
  3. ·         Account locked temporarily (temporary seizure of Facebook account)
  4. ·         Account locked due to unusual activity
  5. ·         Forgotten password which is the biggest hassle
  6. ·         Deletion of reviews
  7. ·         Account deleted or deactivated
  8. ·         Merging of accounts on Facebook
  9. ·         Issues in using Facebook application on any device
  10. ·         Issues while uploading photographs
  11. ·         Deletion of post
  12. ·         Reporting of imposter account (fake, duplicate account or someone infringing intellectual                  property)
  13. ·         Considering account to be compromised
  14. ·         Deletion of business account
  15. ·         Change of settings on Facebook
  16. ·         Synchronizing of Facebook account with other social media accounts
  17. ·         Unable to keep account secure


Page related issues

  1. ·         Creation of page
  2. ·         Deletion of page
  3. ·         Managing administration of the page
  4. ·         Lost all the privileges of your page
  5. ·         Request of verification badge of the page
  6. ·         Merging of a page with other page
  7. ·         Customizing page settings
  8. ·         Reporting a review to be removed from the page
  9. ·         Enabling location on the page
  10. ·         Page compromised or taken over by someone else
  11. ·         Customizing content on the page (post, videos, photographs)
  12. ·         Control and moderation of a page
  13. ·         Adding a shop section to your page
  14. ·         Query about performance of the page
  15. ·         Addition of official event on a page
  16. ·         Reporting or blocking of imposter page
  17. ·         Unable to keep page secure


Advertisement related issues

  1. ·         Gaining grey tick to your page
  2. ·         Facebook ads
  3. ·         Opening or closing of advert account
  4. ·         Changing the currency used for Facebook adverts
  5. ·         Changing time zone and other settings of advert account
  6. ·         Other ads campaign issue

Does any of these troubles you? If yes, simply give a call on Facebook Support @ 1-844-398-0888 and get your sigh back without any more hassle and trouble.

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