How Do You Turn Off Google Assistant

Turning Google Assistant off can be achieved using two methods Deactivating the Google Assistant permanently from home screen.

To deactivate Google Assistant follow the “Disable from home screen” stage. If you want to completely disable it, jump to “Continuously switching off Google Assistant.” Let’s begin with our methods, then.

Disabling from Home screen

Whenever you open your phone, the assistant pops up. Follow the short and easy steps below to delete it as the home button.

1) Turn on your phone.

2) Go to the “settings” labeled with a gear icon.

3) Pick settings for applications. You must go to Installed Applications in some android.

4) Go to normal applications, a new screen will pop up with only default apps.

5) Tap “Runner Start.”

6) You can see in the new screen the device selected as a home button and adjust any other program you want to delete from the home button except Google’s assistant.

In some newly-started androids, the default implementation of the home button can not be changed by the same process. You must follow the steps below to do the same.

1) Open your android’s “Settings.”

2) Select “Home and Recent View” under “System and Machine.”

3) Now on a new screen, click “Default launcher.”

4) Choose your device other than Google Assistant as your home button.

Turn Off Google Assistant Permanently From Device

Before going forward to complete disabling, I would like to recommend that you do not permanently deactivate the Assistant. It is time-saving. If you’re stuck in an unknown place, you could easily find your destination with the aid of this Assistant. You could very easily make the reservation. It is not even appropriate to scan for the pages. You just have to ask what you want and in seconds, it will give the answers. So if you have any trouble working with Google Assistant then perhaps the SearchEngine Guide will help.

If you want to deactivate it still, follow the different methods below to do the same.

Deactivation from the Home button

1) Press and hold down the home button.

2) Release your home button when the Google Assistant pops up. You can say “Hey Google” as well.

3) Tap the Explore icon at either the bottom right corner or the top right corner of the Google Assistant screen. This is denoted by two symbols, both of which work the same thing.

4) Tap the profile image icon on the extreme right corner of the Explorer screen. You can see three stacked bars in a row in some android instead of the profile picture icon. They both work the same thing.

5) From the pop-up screen, select “Settings.”

6) Now, under Assistant Devices, select “Assistant” Select Phone.

7) Unselect the blue slide button next to your google assistant.

This will result in the Assistant being deactivated with the aid of the home button. The next step is to deactivate it from the Google app.

Deactivating from Google application

This method is almost similar to the previous one, adding a few more steps. Take the following steps to disable the Google User Assistant.

1) Open your phone’s settings.

2) Select “Search, Assistant & Voice” Go to Google

3) Now under Google Assistant select “Settings.”

4) Under Apps, select “mobile.”

5) Unselect the “Internet Wizard” blue slider button

6) You can also do the same job by using your Android device’s Google app icon.

Thank you for disabling your android device assistant successfully. Now it won’t upset you in your tasks and annoy you. But if you feel like reactivating it anytime, take the same steps and pick the blue slider key.

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