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Free QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Support Providers


We believe that strong support is the strength of any business operation. Hosting provides Free 24/7 customer support through live chat, email, and over the phone, delivering timely response to resolve QuickBooks cloud hosting troubles, such as – installation, printing errors, data migration etc. You can also find answers to the most challenging QuickBooks hosting support issues from our Knowledge Base.

Access from wherever you are to any edition of QuickBooks, customized and integrated to fit your needs.

Enhance your business with Hosted QuickBooks built for your business needs

SSAE-16 Type II (SOC-2) Security audited servers with end-to-end encryption by Hosting offers the utmost protection for your data while our ever-available hosted QuickBooks support assures a complete immunity from technical issues.

We Know What It Takes to Satisfy Your QuickBooks Software Hosting Requirements. You can access your important files and data wherever and whenever you wish via Intuit QuickBooks Cloud hosting with absolute ease and unmatched security.

To add more to the bliss, computer crashing, system failure or other technical issues will no longer be a problem for you when you choose to get your accounting application hosted with us. Don’t Settle for Anything Less When You Can Opt for the Best QuickBooks Host in the Form of Without Spending a Fortune!

6 Most Common Cloud Computing Security Issues

Distributed-Denial-of-Service Attacks: Many Internet of Things devices, smartphone, and other computing systems as there are available now, DDoS attacks have greatly increased in viability. If enough traffic is initiated to a cloud computing system, it can either go down entirely or experience difficulties.

Shared Cloud Computing Services: Many cloud solutions do not provide the necessary security between clients, leading to shared resources, applications, and systems. In this situation, threats can originate from other clients with the cloud computing service, and threats targeting one client could also have an impact on other clients.

Employee Negligence: Modern employees may log into cloud solutions from their mobile phones, home tablets, and home desktop PCs, potentially leaving the system vulnerable to many outside threats.

Data Loss and Inadequate Data Backups: Inadequate data backups and improper data syncing is what has made many businesses vulnerable to ransomware, a specific type of cloud security threat. Ransomware “locks” away a company’s data in encrypted files, only allowing them to access the data once a ransom has been paid. With appropriate data backup solutions, companies need no longer fall prey to these threats.

Phishing and Social Engineering Attacks: Due to the openness of a cloud computing system, phishing and social engineering attacks have become particularly common. Once login information or other confidential information is acquired, a malicious user can potentially break into a system with ease — as the system itself is available from anywhere.

System Vulnerabilities: Cloud computing systems can still contain system vulnerabilities, Once a vulnerability becomes known with a popular third-party system, this vulnerability can be easily used against organizations. Proper patching and upgrade protocols — in addition to network monitoring solutions — are critical for fighting this threat.

Most Common QuickBooks IT Issues/Problems User May Face

  1. QuickBooks Does Not Start: One of the most common issues arises when QuickBooks software fails to start. Generally, there may be two reasons for this. Either the software is not installed properly on your computer or there is some virus problem that has corrupted some file of the software. The best way to deal with this problem is to uninstall the QB software with all its components in safe mode (Enter F8 on start for safe mode). Install the software again, check all firewall settings that may block access to the files and run a complete antivirus scan to detect the presence of any viruses.
  2. Reinstalling QuickBooks: With the full version of QuickBooks software, installation CD facilitates the user to reinstall QuickBooks in case it was not installed properly or got corrupted due to some reason. A complete guide is also available with CD to help you in installation. If you purchased the license online, you can download the .exe file along with related components, install using Online help documents available on Intuit’s website, validate with your credentials and start work.
  3. Failure in Updating Data Files: It sometimes happens that when we edit a file or update it, the file throws an error “Updating of Data File Failed”. In such case, check whether the file is corrupted. This error mainly occurs due to mishandling of files like forceful opening or improper closing. The rectification of such issue is the recovery of file or creating the file once again from the previously created file. There is a chance of losing data in such case which is dreadful for any accounting purpose. Backup of file can be quite helpful in this case.
  1. QuickBooks Runs Slowly In Multiuser Mode: This is a general problem which is faced by most of the users when working in a multiuser mode. In such a case, use of large capacity of RAM and hard disk is recommended so that it can bear the load of multiple users performing crucial accounting tasks simultaneously.
  2. Lost Admin Password: This is one of the most occurring issues. If you lost your admin password it is recommended to reinstall QB software on your system. There are many software programs available in the market which can break the admin password but simultaneously there also is a need to protect your data from such threats. So, the safer path is to reinstall. QuickBooks Hosting offers one-stop solution for all these problems. All installation, validation, data storage and backup is managed by the hosting service provider along with complete technical support to help accountants get through their accounting tasks in a timely manner without wasting any time or effort in resolving IT problems.

Here are some of the major benefits you get with QuickBooks Cloud

QuickBooks Desktop, already equipped with a number of features for accounting operations, get even better with the might of cloud in its backing. And when it comes to cloud computing, there is no replacement possible for Hosting.

All in all, Hosting brings the most effective, super fast, secure and reliable cloud environment to your business accounting.


Your data is secure in the cloud with highest security standards, including 128-bit data encryption, fully-clustered multi-tier structure and round the clock network monitoring. We have highly secure state-of-the-art data centers.

Data Backup and Data Transfer

Protect your data with our continuous and automated backup recovery solutions to ensure data availability even in the event of a disaster or accidental file deletion. So, don’t worry about your distributed QuickBooks files.

Fully-featured QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Remote Hosting with Hosting will offer complete features of the desktop version without any change in the user interface or usability. Cloud will only enhance the accessibility and performance.


QuickBooks in the cloud allows the users to go with as many deployments as they want. Our pay-as-you-go plans and and solutions allow the users to pick the right resources for hosted QuickBooks server to fit the add-on requirements.

Add-on Compatibility

You can easily integrate any QuickBooks add-ons as per your business requirements to manage your business accounting better. Our QuickBooks Cloud hosting ensures advanced compatibility and performance with add-ons.

All this comes at no extra cost!

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Benefits Offered By Hosting – Enveloping All Corporate Needs

  • Green accounting
  • Virtual workspace
  • Reliable and secure
  • Multi-user access
  • Access on-the-go
  • Latest IT setup
  • Automated backup
  • Easy licensing
  • Consolidated storage
  • Regular upgrades
  • No setup costs
  • No operational costs
  • Pay-as-you-go option
  • Leased QuickBooks Licenses
  • No system upgrades
  • Cloud migration assistance


Host your QuickBooks Software Online Today! has long been providing outstanding level of QuickBooks hosting services to the CPAs, professional accountants and bookkeepers along with small and medium businesses in US, UK and Canada. We are entirely focused on delivering fully functional, reliable, scalable, compatible and highly efficient platform for desktop versions of QuickBooks by Intuit in an extremely safe and secure environment that not only bestows you total control and eases your work but at the same time keeps your peace of mind intact.

Which Editions and Versions of QuickBooks Does Host?

We excel in hosting almost each and every version of the software including US and Canadian editions. The entire editions released by Intuit such as QuickBooks 2005 along with QuickBooks Pro 2013, 2014 and 2015 and the latest 2016 etc. are fully compatible with our advanced accounting application cloud server setup and we are confident that we can accommodate your overall accounting software hosting needs better than all others.

Our QuickBooks hosting plans support hundreds of add-ons that allow users to perform demanding accounting operations with absolute ease and accuracy while saving a great deal of time, money and other valuable resources. Given below are some major add-ons that are compatible with our versatile server setup:

  • com
  • Fishbowl Inventory
  • Bill & Pay
  • Payroll
  • Method CRM
  • Telpay
  • Time Tracker
  • Qvinci
  • GCFormer
  • ConnectWise




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