QuickBooks Error Code C=1304, What causes the QB error C = 1304?, How to Fix Resolve C = 1304 Error?


C=1304 Error Code QuickBooks File Repair & Data Recovery

QuickBooks error code C = 1304 indicates the error that crops up while you are updating QuickBooks or installing the program. When the error occurs it displays an error message – “”Error writing to file [filename]. Verify that you have access to that directory.” Before contacting QuickBooks Technical Support understand the causes behind this error code and try to fix yourself.

What causes the QB error C = 1304?

How to Fix qb-error-code-C=1304

The error can be caused due to three major things. They are
💿 By a problem with the CD drive itself
💿 By a damaged CD
💿 By a damaged Microsoft .NET component

How to Fix Resolve C = 1304 Error?

The C = 1304 error occurs when updating QuickBooks or repairing a QuickBooks installation. For resolving this error, replace the Data1.cab file on your hard drive with the one located on the installation CD. OR This error can be caused by an issue with the CD or the CD drive. It may also be caused by a damaged .NET component. To fix the problem Copy the installation folders from the CD to the hard drive before installing QuickBooks.

To resolve this issue, install QuickBooks from files copied from the CD to the computer’s hard drive: Detailed Information: 1. Copy the installation files from the CD to the hard drive:

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Insert the QuickBooks CD into the CD drive
Click quit if auto- installation starts
Click the Windows Start button and choose Explore.
Prior copying the installation files, create a new folder in a convenient location on the hard drive to which you will copy the installation files:
Select Desktop in open window. * Windows Vista: Click the Organize and choose New Folder. * Windows XP: Choose File -> New -> Folder.
In the new folder, enter QuickBooks as the name for that folder.
Browse to click the QuickBooks CD in the left pane and choose Explore
Locate the QuickBooks and third party folders in the right pane, and the setup.exe file
Select both folders and the file
Click one of the highlighted folders and choose Copy
Browse back to the QuickBooks folder you created earlier
Right-click that folder and choose Paste

Note: If you receive an error while copying these files, there may be an issue with your CD drive or the CD itself. Try Installing QuickBooks on connected computers from one CD drive. 2. Install QuickBooks from the folders you copied to your hard drive:

📋 Open the QuickBooks folder to which you copied the files.
📋 Double-click the setup.exe file (or setup if you do not view file extensions) to start the installation.
📋 Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

The troubleshooting steps to resolve this error depends on whether you received the error installing QuickBooks from a CD or from a download.

📋 If you were installing from a CD, first attempt to copy files from the installation CD to your hard disk and proceed to complete the installation.
📋 If you downloaded QuickBooks and are not installing the program from a CD, a component of the Microsoft .NET framework may be damaged. In this case you can visit to Intuit knowledge base articles for information on repairing your .NET framework.

Technical Support & Help to Troubleshoot C =1304

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