Railway Helpline number 1800-111-139 Or 139

Railway Helpline number 1800-111-139 Or 139

139 Menu (When you call)

For PNR, Fare, Train Arrival/Departure/ Train Time Table
Accommodation Availablity, Train Name/Number

    • Dial 139
    • Initially when you call you will hear welcome message both in Hindi & English asking for language choice
  • Choose Language
    • Press 1 for Hindi
    • Press 2 for English
    • Press 3 for Punjabi
  • →After language selection you are presented with following options:
  • Select Option
    • Press * to call directly to customer care executive
    • Press 1 for PNR Status
    • Press 2 for Arrival, Departure, Cancellation ,Train Divertion status
    • Press 3 for Accomodation avability
    • Press 4 To Know About Fare Enquiry
    • Press 5 To book Ticket through UPI,Debit Card ,Credit Card or by Cash Card delivery by courier or in your email
    • Press 6 to cancel reserved ticket
    • Press 7 for Wake up call or initial alert
    • Press 8 for Wheel Chair Booking
    • Press 9 for ordering food menu

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