Will Google Analytics Affect The Website’s SEO?

Google is now a popular brand in the internet world. The Google Search Engine conducts 80 percent of searches worldwide. So sometimes, if we use some Google products, we may think it will affect our SEO. We have mentioned in our previous article “Will Google AdWords Support SEO?”We will now explore another Google device, Google Analytics. The GA (GA for Google Analytics) is a very renowned and free Google analytics tool. With the Google Analytics info, you can get a clear idea of the status of your site.

Detect your web page that’s most popular:

First of all, you can get a clear idea of the actions of your guests. Firstly, what you are searching for on your website, and how much time your users have spent on your website. By selecting the behavior > content > all pages, you can control the most challenging web page. Furthermore, you can reduce your error rate and increase your website conversion rate. The bounce rate is a percentage of people who access the website without a second page being viewed. You should understand clearly that your homepage or landing page plays an important role in increasing or growing your bounce rate. This tool allows you to easily compare your most popular web pages with your landing page.

Track The Mobile Traffic:

Already mobile users in the world of the internet are growing every day. Therefore, you can make your website mobile-friendly. When you neglect your smartphone customer, your SEO and search rankings may be affected. You can monitor mobile users easily by clicking on the audience > desktop > overview.

Aware of Your Visitors:

How much traffic the guests get and know. You can monitor the many things your visitors want: geographical location and devices including mobile devices, computers or tablets. In fact, you can receive a detailed report on your customers, like age and sex.

Track Your RealTraffic:

One of the most important things about every website is organic traffic. The analytical tools help you to monitor and quantify your organic traffic. You should first pick your channels and buy them from your apps. Instead, by clicking on the plot lines and source/medium, you can see your exact organic trade visually.

Ultimately, Google Analytics supports SEO, but it’s not like a trick or something like that. If you want to be high on Google’s search results, you need to work on optimizing your website search engine. You have to do a lot of work correctly on SEO.

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